Thursday, April 17, 2014

Welcome to My Blog

Welcome to my blog. I have finally decided to get serious about blogging so that I have another platform to use so that I can share my information. Currently I share information with fellow makeup lovers through my Youtube channel. If you have stumbled across this blog, please stick around for what's to come. I plan on bringing you reviews and tutorials and anything else that has to do with makeup that I can share with you.

So why stay tuned to this blog and listen/read this person's opinions? What makes her worth listening to? Well, my reader, let me tell you... and I promise I am not doing this to brag:
I have lots of experience playing around with makeup. From junior high on my allowance has jumped right out of my pockets and into the hands of the makeup companies. Even now, past the age of allowance, I'm still losing my money to that magnetic force. Although now that money isn't just a hobby. I am currently getting certified as a makeup artist. So while my opinions are not the end all be all, pure fact, right way to do things, I feel that you will value what I have to say. Most of makeup is mastered through trial and error, and I am going to share with you my trial and error so that you can learn from my mistakes and whatnot.

So until this blog gets up and running, please take a look at my youtube channel to see some work that I have done and reviews that I have uploaded.
My channel