Sunday, May 25, 2014

How To Make Your Shave Last

So in my last post I spoke about exfoliating. This got me thinking about shaving. Whenever the stubble decides to reveal itself (which is annoyingly often), a little part of me groans and thinks, "ugh not again." At this point some of you might be thinking, "why doesn't she just get a wax?" Well, I am a very busy person who doesn't want to put the time, money, or pain into waxing. So if you are like me and are simply looking to get the most out of each shave, let me share with you some things that I have learned along the way.

1. Exfoliate. By getting all of the dead skin out of the way, your razor can get closer to the root of your hair, giving you a smoother shave. If you aren't quite sure about exfoliating, my previous post goes over the basics. If you're really in a pinch, just wash your legs with a loofah.

2. Shave gel/lotion. I have yet to be able to get my hands on it, but Noxzema makes a shave gel that has helped to extend the period between shaves. So if you can find it in any brand, I suggest finding a hair minimizing/ shave extending shave gel. The one that I use is Aveeno Positively Smooth Shave Gel, and I absolutely love it.

3. Keep your razor clean. The better you take care of your razor, the longer it will give you a good performance. Dull or nicked razors will not only be uncomfortable, but will also not give a good close shave.

*If you use an electric razor, still exfoliate, it will help you get a closer shave as well.

Don't forget to moisturize when you are done. Your legs will thank you. And while to some these may seem like simple steps, when I was first shaving I certainly didn't follow them. I had no idea what exfoliating was and I never moisturized after. It got to the point where if I shaved in the morning, I would feel like I needed to again that night. By employing these steps I can now go about 2- 3 days between shaves.

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Exfoliating for Beginners

If you are thinking of self-tanning or just want to get a closer shave, exfoliating is an essential step. Exfoliating gets all of the dead skin cells off and leaves you with a smooth skin surface. So how might one go about exfoliating? Body scrubs are the way to go and there a few types to choose from. These vary from the kind you find in jars that are very grainy to body wash styled mixtures that are much more lotion than grain.
So how to choose?

More Grain the Lotion: This scrub takes a bit more effort, though it is still fairly low maintenance. Just be careful if you have sensitive skin when you are shopping. Smaller grains are more likely to work with sensitive skin. Though if your skin is very sensitive, you may want to go with the more lotion filled kind of exfoliator.

More Lotion than Grain: This can still be extremely grainy, but varies from the first style. This style is easier to spread and apply because there is also the lotion mixed in. Of course, typically the lotion consistency is made up of body wash and possibly oils for moisturizing.

A Lot More Lotion than Grain: This style is typically a body wash infused with exfoliators like micro beads or other more natural ingredients. This is the most low maintenance style because it happens as you wash off in the shower. This type is also usually the most delicate for those who have sensitive skin.

The exfoliator that I personally have been loving for the last handful of months is Skin Below The Chin's Vanilla Body Scrub that contains Moroccan Argan Oil. It is of the body wash variety, but is very densely packed with exfoliators.

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Are Your Age Rewind Sponges Breaking?

So I have heard a lot of complaints about the Maybeline Age Rewind Concealer sponges breaking. This can
be particularly annoying because of how the product is built: you need the sponge tip to be able to use the product.While I cannot help you once your sponge has come off, I do have some advice about preventing it from ever breaking:

-Tap Don't Swipe: When applying the product it is easy to want to swipe the sponge across the areas that need the concealing. Try to avoid this. Just tap and dot on the product, this puts less strain on the sponge tip. The swiping motion can pull at the sponge and cause it to fall off.

-Be gentle: If you do feel the need to swipe the product on if you are using it as a highlight or covering a large area, be gentle. Applying minimal pressure will also help to lessen the strange on these sponges.

I have been using my particular Age Rewind for a few months now and I have had no troubles with my sponge tip, so if you find that you like the formula, but are having issues with the packaging, try tapping on the product.

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