Friday, June 6, 2014

Should I Switch Up to a Sulfate Free Shampoo?

So you've heard the hype about how much better sulfate free shampoos are for your hair. At first only higher end brands made sulfate free shampoos, which meant your wallet health weakened so your hair could get stronger. But now even drugstore brands are starting to offer the sans-sulfate option. So what should you do? While that choice is ultimately yours, I can offer you my experiences to help you make your decision.

If regular shampoos seem too harsh for your hair, you may want to seriously consider switching. Most shampoos are good at cleaning hair, but they aren't gentle about it. Many of the cleaning agents used in shampoos strip your hair of the natural goodness it needs. This can make hair dry, weak, and brittle- giving it an overall unhealthy look. A sulfate free shampoo helps ease up the stress your hair takes during cleansing.

NOTE: sometimes dry brittle hair can be a symptom of a medical condition, so please keep track of your symptoms and speak with a doctor.

If your hair has been put through the ringer, it may also be a good idea to switch up just to give your hair a break somewhere. Harsh hair styles, hairsprays, hot tools, teasing... it all really takes a toll on the fragile strands of hair. If you have a nice damage repairing shampoo that works for your hair, there may be no need to switch up what you are doing.

Of course, you should always use a heat protectant to help prevent the damage in the first place.

A moisturizing shampoo may help your hair situation. It is my experience that moisturizing shampoos don't dry my hair out, but they also don't add any moisturizing benefits. (I believe this is because the moisturizing properties are
cancelled out by the harsh detergents that they share a shampoo bottle with.) I have notice moisturizing and sulfate free shampoos do improve the softness of my hair.

So if you have weak or dry hair, I recommend the switch. Personally, I have had an amazing experience after making the switch. Spending a few extra bucks per bottle is more than worth it. I have been experimenting with which sulfate free shampoo/conditioning pair that I like best. But I have loved each type that I have tried, something that I cannot say about standard shampoos. My hair is so much healthier than it used to be, and every time that I have to use regular shampoo again, I feel a little pang of guilt towards my hair.

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