Monday, June 29, 2015

Keep Your False Lashes Organized

When you take good care of your false lashes, you can use them more than one time. The problem I often come across is keeping my lashes clean and organized in between uses. With single packs of lashes you have the option to keep the lashes in the packaging, but when you buy multi packs like the ones sold by Ardell, it is harder to keep the lashes organized in between uses.
The idea I am about to share with you is not one that I have come up with, though I would love to be able to take the credit. When I saw this idea, I thought it was absolutely amazing and I knew that I had to share it:

A pill organizer!

You can put your lashes in the compartments by pair, or one strip per compartment. If you choose the second option, I recommend that you use tape or a maker to label which compartments go with each other. If you are going on a trip and don't feel like packing a bigger pill organizer you can always opt for an individual day or two sized pill organizer. This option is probably better for short trips or if you don't have tons of different lashes you rotate through. 

I have seen organizers specifically meant to organize false lashes on the market, but I find these pill organizers to be a better option because they are in so many stores and really cheap (I bought mine for 98cents!). 

How do you keep your falsies organized? 

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