Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Life Becoming a Video Game (Weight loss Entry)

So, I've been away for a year, and sadly, most of that year has been spent away from the computer. Why? Well, Senior year in college can be tough. Most of my time has been spent with books, messy buns with pens in them, stacks of post it flags, and those weird highlighter stains on my fingers.

Along with a lifetime of poor habits, this past year of sitting stooped over the kitchen table with theorists has created the perfect starting picture for a miracle weight loss advert. Sadly, I'm real and we can't immediately flash ahead to me holding out the waistband of my former pants as show off how I can swim in them.

What I can do is be real with you... I am over weight. By a lot. My eating habits are terrible, and I am quick to find an excuse to miss out on a gym day- even though I know I always feel better after I leave the gym. But in an effort to turn my life around and feel comfortable in my own skin, I have decided to kick my butt into gear, or at least get in moving.

In an effort to see what I am doing, and track progress, I bought a FitBit Flex. Here's the deal, when I can't see the work I am doing, I am fast to stop it. The Flex allows me to monitor my activity, and create small wins for myself. I can see when I have been more active lately, even if my outward appearance doesn't show my progress.

This is NOT an ad for FitBit or the Flex. I bought it with my own money (why would anyone sponsor me, I am an unkown :) )

I like that there are badges and goals that I can set for myself. It reminds me of unlocking achievements in video games. Step goals, hourly activity goals, calorie goals, water drinking goals, etc. - complete with badges and the ability to compete with friends.

Let me know if you have a FitBit and want to add me as a friend to compete!

It is my goal to keep you updated on my journey to a healthier me. (If you're interested that is.)
Feel free to share your stories with me!!!!

Start Day: May 25
Start Weight: 280 :(((((
Goal Weight: ~180

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